An important aspect in any home theater design is ensuring you get the right look-and-feel for your room.
This means you need to develop a design concept to create the right room ambience - an ambience that would make it easier to get better immersed into the movie action.
A great way to set your imagination in motion when designing a home theater, is to look at what others have done when building their home theater. While looking at pictures of home theaters built by those who have already gone through the process is not enough, yet it is a sure fact that browsing through home theater pictures is a great way to help set your creativity into action.

Here are some cool home theater design ideas that can provide you with such inspiration. Enjoy

Housing It All

In this design by architect Andreas Charalambous, a Wenge wood wall with lighted cutouts incorporates the fireplace and flat-screen TV as well as abundant space for AV equipment. 

Set the Mood

The calming colors of light teal, gold, brown, white and black in the rug help set the color palette in this design by Judi Ackerman.

Cozy Space

The stone fireplace surround with a hanging flat-screen monitor is the focal point of this family room. Extra-cushy loungers allow for long movie viewing in comfort. Design by architect Andreas Charalambous .

California-Style Relaxing

Contemporary design infuses this comfortable and inviting viewing room. The color palette is influenced by the views of the California coastline that can be seen throughout the house. Designed by Velvet Hammerschmidt  .

Solid Viewing

This wood-enveloped space, designed by Christopher J. Grubb, creates the perfect second family room in this home. A small kitchen is tucked neatly in the corner.

Convertible Room

Custom media cabinetry, complemented by subtle up-lighting on the wood ceiling, anchors this room, designed by Christopher J. Grubb. Swivel chairs give the room flexibility. 

Smooth and Sleek

Art deco gets a modern touch in this home theater. Silk sofas and chairs combine well with velvet upholstered acoustical wall panels. Design tip: Use wall sconces as surround lighting that can be dimmed for viewing the movie. Design by Ammie Kim


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